Prototype 5

For prototype 5, we tried something a little different. Our minds were boggled at the thought of how we could integrate the memories as active pats of our game mechanics especially since we wanted to create an RPG-esque atmosphere and game dynamics. We went along with the idea of having a game where the layers could play as a certain character related to our protagonist. In this list of characters we included close relatives as well as the different personalities of our protagonist. The question that came up next was: then what? How would we get the memories to trigger a change in the present? 

We decided to try out a game where our protagonist, Anamika, was the game master, and she confronted the other players (all playing as certain characters) with a certain memory that she had. The others would respond to this memory with their own recollection of the events and what they thought and interpreted from it. Anamika would then chose a person responsible for her feelings in relation to that memory and thus affect certain parameters. The parameters we kept for this prototype were- "Happiness" and the "Need to Socialise". Players played out the memories with the help of cards and used improv to defend themselves or to influence Anamika's feelings and decisions.

Essentially, this prototype played out as a type of "blame-game" where every character blamed the other based on their recollection. It was interesting, chaotic and fun due to the debating and role- playing involved. The only problem was that, since the personalities were involved with all the other external relationships Anamika had, there was nothing to differentiate them from those external relationships and thus the idea of a protagonist with DID fell flat.  

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