Prototype 4

Our fourth prototype responded to the shortcomings of our previous prototype by introducing a colour and symbol matching mechanic, providing images to go along with the text on the memory cards, relating memories to personalities through colour and also differentiating afflictions from each other through the same colours.

Our game played out as such: 

  • The player picked a personality that they wanted to push to dominate all the other personalities by being the first person to get to the top of the tree (provided on the board) or in other words reach the Finish line. 
  • They were given a board with an image of a banyan tree, which had a trail that the players could move their tokens along marked on it.
  • There were two decks of cards that the players could play out: the memory deck and the afflictions deck. 
  • The memory deck allowed the players to pick an affliction or to change a parameter of Health, Sanity or Relationship based on symbol and colour matching.
  • The afflictions affected the aforementioned parameters as well as the domination or in this case position of the personalities' tokens. 
  •  All the personalities started at the same spot and moved up the tree as their dominance changed. 
  • The player's goal was to get the personality they picked to the top of the tree before the other personalities reached.

This prototype, like the one before, fell short in terms of pushing the narrative of the memories as an important and necessary part of the game play. More focus was given to the colours and the symbols, rather than what the memories and afflictions were. The race to the finish mechanic though interesting also proved ethically and morally ambiguous because it felt like we were pushing for a certain personality to take over the host. The game was also ethically questionable because we were measuring "sanity" as a parameter and a characteristic when our character suffers from Dissociative Identity Disorder and thus, sanity was most definitely the wrong term to use. It also felt as if we were forcing ourselves to do a single- player game when the concept we came up with was better suited for a multi-player dynamic. 

With that in mind, we moved onto our next prototype with the hope of weaving our narrative better into and making it more suitable with game mechanics in a multi-player game.

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