User feedback to prototype 2

The players who tested the game found the premise interesting enough. They received a box filled with all sorts of different bits of paper that seemed to be different memories.

The game did give the players a slightly haunted feeling, many of them felt as if they were going through a horror movie, waiting to discover the conclusion, which was hidden away in our cipher protected messages, audio and video files. Players however, took one look at the sheets covered in ciphers and couldn't bear to even think about solving it. 

This meant that our players were left hanging. If, the area that our ciphers covered were only a word or two or a sentence at the most, the players would perhaps still have been willing to go through the effort of solving the messages in order to reach the conclusion.

At this point, none of the players we requested to play test our game reached the conclusion. Even the phone we used to store the audio and video files fell redundant when considered in the way the game played out. 

Back at the drawing board, we began to re-look at our game and game-play. The idea behind the game was to try and get the players to "listen" to our character and be able to offer empathy as opposed to sympathy. We decided to scale back entirely on the ciphers and hinting and puzzles move in a new direction. 

Instead of going in the line of puzzles and ciphers, we decided to move into a more RPG like game-play in the hopes of making it simpler. We could add things like die, parameters and stats to keep track of and find ways of making the players try to understand the person they were creating as such through the memories they had in hand.

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