Theme: Space

The overarching brief of the project is to understand and look at what “space” means in games. 

"Space" if taken literally, in games, generally refers to either multi-modal directions in 3D games or the variety of movement in 2D games, an example of which is the screen scrolling sideways or vertically, a feature that drastically changes the way a game is played. It also encompasses games that require exploration or are about exploring a physical space (like a room or a forest) or about exploring time in a physical space. One little explored area when referring to space in games is space as a memory rather than memory in a space.

            Space as a memory could refer to the mental space that the player inhabits by themselves or that the player inhabits through the character. It could also refer to a nostalgic feeling as often times we associate memory with our past experiences, which could be through sight, sound, touch, smell and/or taste. In many games, the concept of exploring memory in a space through visual flashbacks spurred on by the feeling of nostalgia in a place has been accomplished but, rarely have games looked at exploring space as a memory free of the physical dimensions of the place and/or constrained by the character of a person.

            In our project, we want to look at this exploration and try understanding and creating a persona through a collection of their memories. 

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